Pelvic Yoga Leaderboard

Chair Yoga Practice: Forward Bend

chair yoga forward bend

Forward bends support internal focus and quiet reflection. Forward bends provide calming energy when you feel over-stimulated by external forces. A Chair-based forward bend offers the benefits of forward bends in an adapted format that is safe and accessible, if you prefer to practice a chair-based yoga rather than sitting on the floor. Also, if Read more »

Chair Yoga Practice: Chair Yoga Leg Lifts

chair yoga leg lifts

This exercise supports hip/leg flexibility and strength, to improve ability to complete activities of daily living. Hip/leg strength includes balance, ability to independently move to standing from a sitting position, and walk independently. These physical abilities support self-efficacy for activities of daily living. Instructions: While seated, lift the right leg forward as high as possible, Read more »

Chair Yoga Practice: Supported Chair Triangle Pose

chair yoga triangle

Triangle pose strengthens the legs and torso while opening the chest, cultivating the complementary forces of strength of purpose and open-mindedness. Instructions: Standing beside the chair, spread your feet wide apart. One hand rests on the seat of the chair. Opposite hand lifts upward, with your head turned upward and your gaze focused on the Read more »

Chair Yoga Practice: Seated Side Stretch

seated side stretch

Benefits: Seated side stretch helps you to open the side of the body, and both strengthens and stretches the arms and shoulders. This stretch supports improved ability to maintain self-sufficiency in daily activities such as reaching up to high shelves, washing and combing your hair, and other activities that require you to lift your arms Read more »