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Benefits of Yoga: Yoga Improves Sleep

Some research indicates that the practice of yoga and yoga meditation may improve sleep quality and reduce sleep disturbance (Bower et al., 2005; Harrison et al., 2004; Kaye, 1985; Sahajpal & Ralte, 2000). Yoga has also been identified as a potential treatment protocol for chronic insomnia (Khalsa, 2004). When older adults were trained in yoga Read more »

Chair Yoga: Featured in The Costco Connection

Chair Yoga Triangle

  Dr. Bonura shares the benefits of Chair Yoga practice in the June 2016 issue of the Costco Connection, and shares 5 simple Chair Yoga exercises you can try at home. Chair Yoga offers a variety of benefits for both physical and psychological health. You can practice Chair Yoga without any special equipment or clothing, Read more »