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Chair Yoga Practice: Forward Bend

chair yoga forward bend

Forward bends support internal focus and quiet reflection. Forward bends provide calming energy when you feel over-stimulated by external forces. A Chair-based forward bend offers the benefits of forward bends in an adapted format that is safe and accessible, if you prefer to practice a chair-based yoga rather than sitting on the floor.

Also, if you have any mobility limitations, for instance the use of a walker or a wheelchair, a chair-based forward bend provides a safe way to practice forward bends.

chair yoga forward bend
chair yoga forward bend

To practice:

Begin sitting in a chair. Make sure your feet press firmly into the ground. Take a few deep breaths, as you roll your shoulders down and back to open up your chest and lift your posture.

Spread your legs wide apart.

With a gentle exhalation, fold gently forward from your waist, bringing your torso between your legs. Rest your hands on your thighs for support and balance. Allow your neck and head to gently relax down.

If you feel comfortable taking the stretch farther, you can move your hands to your knees, down onto your shins, or down to your ankles. Respect your body and find the level that is best for you, based on your personal balance and flexibility. You will feel a stretch in your waist, back, and neck.

Remain in the posture, taking 5–10 deep breathes. Focus your awareness on your breath, taking your sense of focus within to allow your mind to quiet.

When you are ready, push gently with your hands to lift your torso, and return to sitting.